Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

Mark - Neck
Mark – Neck

Prolotherapy for Chronic Neck Pain

Because the neck is less protected than the rest of the spine, it is far more vulnerable to injuries and disorders that can cause pain and even restrict your motion. The neck enables the head to move and to rotate, but if you can’t move your neck normally, your life can be severely disrupted and your activities can be limited. Depending on the cause and type of your neck injury or condition, your best choice may be prolotherapy for chronic neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Your neck is composed of seven cervical vertebrae. These vertebrae support your head, serve as an attachment point for the muscles that move your head, and protect the spinal cord between the brain and thoracic vertebrae.

Symptoms of neck pain can include:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in the shoulder, arm or hand
  • Reduced range of motion in the neck
  • Numbness, weakness, and slower reflexes in the arms, legs, hands and feet.

If you are experiencing minor neck pain, you may be experiencing early symptoms of arthritis. Osteoarthritis can begin as young as thirty and symptoms may begin to appear years after the disease begins.

A strain or spasm of the muscles in the neck or inflammation of the neck can be the causes of the neck pain you feel. Pain in the neck can also be caused by injury such as whiplash or a blow to the head or neck while playing sports. Cervical disk degeneration, a pinched nerve, meningitis, influenza, a heart attack or torticollis, can also be causes of neck pain. Anything that causes stress on the muscles in the upper body and arms, including poor posture, and sleeping on a pillow that is too high, can be causes of localized neck pain.

How Prolotherapy Is Used To Treat Chronic Neck Pain

Many patients come to us tired of ‘managing’ their chronic pain with NSAID or narcotic medications, various therapies, and exercises. In many cases, these methods do not take care of the cause of the pain.

Patients with pain in almost any joint in the body can now treat their chronic pain with Prolotherapy. It just depends on the cause of your particular pain.

Most of the time, musculoskeletal pain is due to weakness in the ligaments, tendons and possibly cartilage. Prolotherapy can regenerate these damaged tissues and ultimately alleviate the problem causing the pain.

Prolotherapy works because it stimulates an inflammatory reaction in the body. Solutions are injected into the affected neck ligaments, tendons, or joints, which leads to local inflammation in that specific area. The localized inflammation triggers the deposition of new collagen, the material in which ligaments and tendons are made. New collagen shrinks as it matures and tightens the ligament that was injected, making it stronger.

Are you a Candidate For Prolotherapy for Chronic Neck Pain?

Our goal at OrthoRegen® is for our patients to have an active, healthy, pain-free life. Prolotherapy is a very safe, affordable option that allows you to keep working, training and living a normal life during the recovery process. Prolotherapy for chronic neck pain is one of the few treatments that encourages movement post-treatment. Movement actually aids the healing process after Prolotherapy. By contrast, surgery requires you to reduce activity after treatment.

Would you like a second opinion before you have neck surgery or begin other treatments? Would you like to know if you are you a candidate for Prolotherapy for your chronic neck pain? The only way to know for sure is to get a consultation. Contact Us today for a consultation or call Dr. Fields at 310-453-1234.