Knee Injury Treatment

Knee Injury Treatment

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Prolotherapy Knee Treatment

Knee injuries are one of the most common problems we treat with Prolotherapy knee treatment at OrthoRegen®. The knee joint is one of the most crucial joints in the body. Normal knee function is vital to involvement in everyday activities.

The knee joint is in the middle of the leg and connects upwards to the the femur (thigh bone) and downwards to the tibia (shin bone). The patella or kneecap sits to the front of these bones. The femur and tibia are connected by the four main ligaments at the knee, the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL and PCL, found deep within the knee joint) and the Medial (MCL) and Lateral (LCL) Collateral Ligaments (on either side of the joint).

There are also two forms of cartilage in the knee. Articular cartilage, which protects the ends of both bones and the back of the patella allowing for smooth movement, and the cartilage meniscus which are two semicircular discs providing cushioning and support for the bones. The knee is extremely vulnerable to injury in one or a combination of these elements. In the case of knee injury we recommend our Prolotherapy knee treatment to strengthen and repair damaged tissue, ligaments and tendons.

How Prolotherapy Knee Treatment Works

Our Prolotherapy knee treatment is an innovative treatment that stimulates the immune system to repair damaged tissue. ”Prolo” comes from the word proliferate. Prolotherapy then, describes the therapy which utilizes proliferation of fibroblastic cells that grow the ligaments and tendons. By proliferation of the fibroblasts, new, strong, collagen tissue is formed. This new tissue is what is needed to repair ligament and tendon sprains and injuries. Receive treatment for your knee injuries with comprehensive Prolotherapy at OrthoRegen®.

Are You A Candidate for Prolotherapy?

Dr. Fields and our staff at OrthoRegen® offer traditional Dextrose Prolotherapy knee treatment, as well as PRP Prolotherapy Stem Cell Prolotherapy. To see if you are a candidate for one of our Prolotherapy treatments, or for a second opinion for a recommended surgery, contact us for a consultation, OrthoRegen®, 310-453-1234.

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