PRP and Prolotherapy Testimonials

If you are like most people, you may be new to PRP and Prolotherapy, and what these treatments can do for injuries like the ones you have. Whether you’ve had your condition just a short time or for decades, and whether your condition is chronic or the result of a sports injury, there is hope.

These PRP and Prolotherapy testimonials will help you understand what these natural regenerative orthopedic treatments can do for you. A few minutes here can save you from surgery.

Christa (Knee, Prolotherapy)
Christa, a former college athlete, had knee dislocation with pain and stiffness in her right knee. Five surgeries and other procedures couldn’t help her, but Dr. Fields’ Prolotherapy did. Now she is feeling “whole” and “healthy” again.

May (Knee, PRP)
After a half marathon, May couldn’t even walk back to her car! She avoided surgery by having Prolotherapy and PRP from Dr. Fields, and now she’s back to running half and FULL marathons. “Dr Peter Fields is Awesome.”

Dr. Leonard (Torn meniscus, PRP)
Dr. Leonard is a 61 Year Old Ironman competitor who avoided surgery in both knees with Dr. Fields’ PRP, and he is now back to racing!

Dr. Eric, Chiropractor (Lower Back, Prolotherapy)
Dr. Eric had low back pain since age 15. Damaged ligaments caused his pain & tightness. Now he can run and surf again after just 7 visits with Dr. Fields. Now Eric has his life back.

Nanette (Hip, Prolotherapy)
This personal trainer & triathlete had a bicycle accident and could not walk or ride or work any more. She wanted to avoid surgery and other alternatives. Prolotherapy began 6 months ago with Dr. Fields and she can now sit, squat, walk, run, climb, lift. “Miraculous,” she says.

Jeremy (Ankle, Prolotherapy)
Cortisone didn’t help Jeremy’s repeated ankle injuries. He had just two options: Prolotherapy or “Surgery with no guarantee.” After Prolotherapy treatment by Dr. Fields, he is now he’s back to running 3-5 times per week and feeling great!

Wilbur (Shoulder, Prolotherapy)
Wilbur, a firefighter who hurt his shoulders, had limited range of motion. Dr. Fields began Prolotherapy treatment immediately. Now he’s doing core power yoga 5x week!

Christopher (Knee, PRP)
Christopher, a Pro basketball player, came from China to avoid torn meniscus surgery to receive PRP from Dr. Fields. He is now playing ball again after just 3 treatments.

Tim (Shoulder, Prolotherapy)
Shoulder injury kept Tim from working out. His Orthopedic surgeon told him to stop any shoulder exercise: “Your days are over,” he said. Now he’s back to normal after 6 Prolotherapy treatments by Dr. Fields.

Ryan (Shoulder, Prolotherapy)
Ryan had a dislocated shoulder & torn labrum and was facing surgery and 6 months of rehab and recovery. After just 1 treatment, he felt better, and now he is healed after just 4 treatments.

Athena (Wrist, Prolotherapy).
Athena couldn’t write or eat. Her doctor told her that her wrist tendonitis needed surgery. After Prolotherapy by Dr. Fields, her wrist is now “Perfect.”

Gayle (Low Back, Prolotherapy)
Active her whole life, Gayle’s back spasms kept her from walking. Just two prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Fields in her back and hip and now she’s feeling great.

Jennifer (Elbow, Prolotherapy)
This violinist and surfer had severe elbow pain. An MRI said she had tears, but she wanted to avoid cortisone and surgery. After Prolotherapy with Dr. Fields, now she is in surf competitions and won an LA Music Award.

Tony (Shoulder & Ankle, PRP)
Tony had two shoulder tears years ago that were treated by Dr. Fields, leading to a full recovery. Later, multiple ankle tears caused by ballet and obstacle course racing. Dr. Fields’ PRP got him competing again!

Mark (Neck, Prolotherapy)
Mark is a bike rider and tennis player who had numbing and tingling in his right arm and back pain. After just 5 Prolotherapy treatments by Dr. Fields, he’s back to normal.

Nick (Strained Hamstring, Prolotherapy)
Nick injured his hamstring in a soccer league. Nothing else helped him so his Chiropractor recommended Prolotherapy by Dr. Fields. Now he is playing soccer again twice a week.

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